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Being part of a community is empowering. The sense of belonging and mutual support experienced is unmatched. That is why LymphCare was developed — to provide you with a comprehensive tool to help you manage your life with lymphedema. Everything you need is in one place.

Information at Your Fingertips

Your lymph. Your life. Knowing as much as you can about lymphedema allows you to e an active part in your care. Use this site to find an overview of lymphedema, treatment options, therapy solutions and much more! Get tips on all aspects of healthy living with lymphedema and stay up to date on different lymphedema topics through quarterly newsletters specifically for patients. Sign up today to access all the tools you need to help you manage your lymphedema.


Encouragement and Support

Lymphedema is a unique and chronic condition that can be overwhelming...and you may feel scared and alone. The good news is that you are NOT alone! In fact, you are part of a very large community of patients who are living their lives to the fullest. This community is powerful! Through LymphCare you can meet other patients, find motivation and encouragement, and share your story to inspire others. 

Personal Lymphedema Navigator

As part of the LymphCare program, you can link with your personal LymphCare Navigator that will help guide you on your lymph journey. Your LymphCare Navigator is here to support you when you need to find a local therapist or fitter, have questions on compression products, and other concerns you may have regarding your lymphedema.

LymphCare Navigator
LymphCare Lymphedema Events Calendar

Find Lymphedema Events

Lymphedema events are a great way to meet others and learn more about the condition and treatment options. The Calendar will show all lymphedema events in your area and around the nation.

Coming Soon: Track Your Lymph Journey

Monitoring your lymphedema can be very important since it can react to different triggers and change over time. LymphCare will soon provide you with the tools you need to track your lymphedema care in your personal Diary.

Track Your Lymphedema Care