healthy skin and nails will help prevent infections

As we know, lymphedema patients are at high risk for infection and must be thorough when it comes to keeping their skin healthy. Moisturizers and lotions should be used to keep the skin moist and avoid any cracking where bacteria and fungus can enter the body, causing infections. You should pay attention to your nail care to prevent ingrown nails or hangnails that might scrape or cut your skin, and increase infection risk. If getting a manicure, always make sure to use clean instruments (many places will let you have your own set), and make sure to explain your lymphedema to avoid any unnecessary nicks or cutting of your cuticles. It’s also important to protect your skin with sunscreen and bug spray when outside.

Diligent skin care will be important throughout your life. Continuing to moisturize and following all of the tips your CLT gives to manage your skin is very important to reduce infection risk.