Compression is an Important Part of Lymphedema Management

Once your lymphatic vessels have been “awakened” with MLD, compression is applied to help move the extra fluid out of the limb, and to keep it from coming back into the limb. The idea behind compression therapy is to assist the tissue by applying pressure from the outside, which helps move the fluid into the lymphatic system, where it is filtered, concentrated, and returned to your body.

There are many different types of products that are used for compression. In the Decongestion phase of CDT, the compression types commonly used are: 

Once the level of decreased edema has been achieved in Phase I, medical compression garments help maintain that decreased level. Since we know the swelling will come back without compression, it is imperative to wear some sort of gradient compression product. There are many different options offered to manage edema during the Maintenance phase:


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Bandage Alternatives

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Gradient Compression

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Donning and Care

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