MAKE DAILY Life with lymphedema easier

Over the past few years, bandage alternative products have become more and more popular to manage lymphedema. They can be an alternative solution, especially if you have a difficult time putting on bandages or garments on your own. 

Wrap/Velcro® Products

Bandage alternatives such as short-stretch compression wraps are often used in the Decongestion phase of CDT. These short-stretch wraps attach with Velcro® which makes them adjustable and easy to put on and take off. Some wrap products are able to be trimmed and made smaller as your arm or leg decreases in size. Wraps can be really useful if you get a lot of reduction during the day and find that your bandages are slipping off by nighttime. Bandaging is a skill that takes some time to master and can be difficult depending on the place you are bandaging. Short-stretch wraps can provide a nice alternative.

Short-stretch compression wraps are also extremely useful during the Maintenance phase of lymphedema therapy. These products are highly suitable for use at night instead of bandaging. Also, there may be times when your arm or leg swells for some reason. These products are great to help get your limb back to normal size to fit back in your compression stocking or sleeve. Many clinicians feel that short-stretch compression wraps should be the next choice for patients who cannot wear compression stockings or sleeves for their maintenance compression.

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Chipped Foam-Based Products

Another bandage alternative is a chipped foam based product. There are many different chipped foam-based products on the market today. Most times, you may see them being used as “night garments.” They are very comfortable and easy to put on and take off. However, these garments are also suitable for use during the day (there are some that are even designed to be more slim-lined for daytime use). Because of the foam channels designed into these garments, they can help soften up those hard fibrotic areas. Chipped foam garments are very popular night time alternatives to traditional bandaging.

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