Being part of a community is empowering. The sense of belonging and mutual support experienced is unmatched. That is why LymphCare was developed — to provide you with a comprehensive tool to revolutionize the way you work with your patients. Everything you need is in one place.

Information at Your Fingertips

We know you're busy! Having one place to go for quick and reliable information will save you time. Use this site to find an overview of lymphedema, treatment options, therapy solutions and much more! Get tips on all aspects of lymphedema that can help you and your patients and stay up to date on different lymphedema topics through quarterly newsletters specifically for professionals. Sign up today to access all the tools you need to help you manage your patients' lymphedema.

share LymphCare with patients

Share LymphCare with Your Patients

LymphCare is all about connecting you and your patients. A special part of the LymphCare program is the Patient Care Packages. The care packages are filled with resources and tools that patients can use for self, the bag can be used to hold all their lymphedema supplies! We'll provide you lymphedema education packets for your patients that include a special voucher for the Care Packages.

Share Your Knowledge and Learn More

There are so many treatment options for lymphedema that it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Whether you have multiple clinicians in your office, or you are the sole provider, the LymphCare program is a great way to connect to other therapists in the lymphedema field. With "Professionals Only" sections, you can ask other therapists for advice on difficult cases and share information that you have found to be helpful in your therapy.

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