exercise promotes lymphatic flow

In recent years exercise has been proven to help with lymphedema, but there are still a lot of questions about it. When patients wear compression products, exercising can further promote fluid drainage. The muscle pumping action, combined with the resistance of the compression garments, helps move fluid out of the limb. Compression helps by increasing hydrostatic pressure and helps force the fluid back into the bloodstream, reducing edema. 

The general rule for patients with lymphedema who are starting an exercise program is “Start Low, Go Slow!” They need to allow their bodies and lymphatic systems to adjust to the new level of activity and should always monitor how their body is handling it. This can be especially hard for patients that are used to exercising a lot before being diagnosed with lymphedema.

A Patient's Story of Perseverance

Watch Deborah’s story on how she persevered in her lymphedema and became a CrossFit top athlete, winning the Spirit of the Games Award in 2012.